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The Girl Upstairs: A Necessary (Wardrobe) Spring Clean

Posted on March 20 2015

Ah spring; the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is bright and beautiful… or perhaps not! I guess it depends where you are and what time it is as to whether you’ve been exposed to maybe a whole five minutes of sunshine.

I don’t know about you, but I spend cold winter days dreaming of those lovely long summer afternoons where you can walk around with bare arms and legs without catching your death chill! And so the moment I see a glimpse of sunshine I get my hopes up that the bitterly cold weather is behind us and warmth will be a constant companion.

It’s just never the case though, our lovely temperamental British weather ensures that we never know quite what the weather is going to be doing, often it changes throughout the day, fooling us into thinking we should be wearing sunglasses before it absolutely throws it down. Cue removal of said sunglasses and quickly look around to make sure no-one had seen you minutes earlier.

And like with so many other things, the new season brings us a change in wardrobe, those big thick winter coats can go into storage, along with hats, gloves and earmuffs. Instead jewellery becomes more popular, as necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be seen more now that you aren’t wearing 100 layers, and thick woolly scarves morph into lightweight, elegant scarves, used more for style rather than necessity.

So as it’s the first day of “spring” I propose it’s time for a spring clean, for your wardrobe. I’d wager that half the stuff in your wardrobe has been forgotten about, I know that was definitely the case in my wardrobe. I decided to take everything out, and brutally went through it all - if I hadn’t worn it in over 6 months, it had to go. Of course, then I found things I’d forgotten all about and rediscovered all over again! It was a big job but well worth it when I had finished, I felt like I’d really accomplished something.

If you feel like you already have too much, you’ll feel guilty when you buy anything new, so my advice is to have a clear out, donate everything to a charity shop, give them to a friend or sell it all on eBay, however you want to do it, just get rid of it, because I promise you will not need that skirt in 3 years time. By then a lovely new skirt will have caught your eye and will take prime position in your wardrobe. And do the same with accessories, clear them out and make room for any new things you buy, that way you’ll be able to see everything. It just means you can kick off your spring wardrobe knowing exactly what you have and you’ll know what you can buy to complement it.

And if, like me, you’re disappointed with the lack of instant sunshine now that it’s “spring”, why not cheer yourself up with a lovely bright scarf, popular on our Facebook page is the coral flower scarf, and I personally love the navy flower scarf and the moroccan teal scarf and the red floral scarf are my other favourites from our ‘bright spring’ collection, but we have a wonderful range of elegant, bright, vibrant and glamorous women’s scarves, check out the whole collection here. Or treat yourself to one of our gorgeous necklaces or bracelets and add a touch of class to your spring wardrobe, I personally love the long black feather necklace and the turquoise peace bracelet, but make sure you have a look through all of our stunning and bold jewellery here.


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