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The Girl Upstairs: The Necessary Accessory - Jewellery

Posted on April 14 2015

Looking at the photos of Kim Sears and Andy Murray’s wedding from last weekend, it struck me that everyone was focused on Kim’s beautiful wedding dress, but I felt that something wasn’t quite right - her neckline was left completely bare, which, while keeping all focus on the cut of the dress, left Kim looking like she was missing something. For me, a simple and dainty necklace would have completed her look. 

Of course this is just a case of personal taste, but there are so many occasions when you’re looking around for something to finish your outfit, and often it’s necessary to add accessories in to complete the look. Whether it’s a quirky pendant, or a chunky statement necklace, an outfit looks much more co-ordinated when you’ve accessorised.

You don’t have to have a giant range of jewellery so that you can match to everything, you just have to pick pieces that can be used in different ways, for example long necklaces tend to go well with daytime outfits, and chunky necklaces go well with high necklines.

Matching colours can also be quite difficult, gold and silver tend to be popular colours for jewellery as they are recognised as typical jewellery colours and therefore go with any outfit, however people tend to have very specific opinions, especially with gold coloured jewellery as many people don't like it. The Room No. 37 range tries to accommodate as many tastes as possible, so some of our pieces are available in five colours; gold, silver, rose gold, pewter and matt silver and we also have a range of brightly coloured jewellery too.

Our gorgeous No. 37 range of jewellery is just perfect for all occasions, we have bold statement pieces, as well as vibrant colours and pretty pendants, as well as a range of quirky earrings and bracelets.

When it comes to necklaces, it really depends on what it is you’re wearing as to what it is you need. From our current women’s necklaces collection my favourite evening necklace is the pink flower necklace, a chunky statement necklace which is perfect for adding class to a plain outfit. I also love the long gold leaf necklace, which is one of those necklaces that just goes with pretty much any daytime outfit. See the whole necklace collection here.

Our current collection of bracelets includes a lot of pretty blues, and beaded charm bracelets, my favourite being the turquoise peace bracelet, a simple and sweet addition to your outfit. The bracelet leather heart is also stunning and comes in four elegant colours, which is ideal for both daytime and evening. See the whole collection here.

Earrings frame the face and especially when hair is short or tied back, they can make a huge difference to your look. Our current range of earrings is quirky and chic, the horse earrings are fun and the rose gold leaf earrings are charming and elegant. See the whole collection here.

It's important that you don't go overkill and cover yourself in accessories, as it becomes too much the focus and doesn't look quite right, perhaps wear a necklace and bracelet, or a bracelet and earrings, and make sure they are there to complement what you are already wearing. But the best piece of advice for jewellery is to wear only what you like, don't wear something just because it's fashionable - in a few years you'll look back and regret it otherwise! 

Shop our women's jewellery collection and finish off your look with a fabulous accessory. 


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