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Al Hayball Artwork

Al Hayball - The Artist Bio

Al Hayball Artist profile

Al Hayball grew up in Bristol with his passion and talent for art being prominent from an early age. From doodling in the margins of his school textbooks to evenings spent in smokey Bristolian dart clubs, which his Dad would frequent in the evenings. Al would be found tucked away in a corner sketching’s caricatures of all the locals.

Fast forward many years later and Al Hayballs drawings are instantly recognisable. Starting out Al captured visually breathtaking paintings of landscape art using acrylic paints. His use of colour made his paintings bright and cheerful.

Al transitioned from his naïve characture and landscape paintings to capture wildlife creatures. Al Hayball depicts whimsical wildlife creatures letting their true character shine through whether it be from the telling look in their eyes to a wry smile placed upon their face. He derives most of his inspiration from his spectacular and serene surroundings in Devon where he resides.

He uses an array of graphite pencils, on Bockingford watercolour paper to create his characters. His objective is to capture the innocence and soul of the individuals he chooses to illustrate.

Al Hayball creates a movement in his drawings, which presents an idiosyncratic realism, which enables the observers to become mesmerized in the characters and feel as if his drawings were almost able to jump out from the picture.

Al Hayball became a full-time artist later on in life with him first having careers in both the banking industry and later on in graphic design. He now describes his graphic design past as a useful insight into the world of art.

Al's artwork truly brings life to any room; his limited edition artwork is the perfect accompaniment to your home.

 Al Hayball is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


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