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Alec Makinson Artwork

Alec Makinson - The Artist Bio

Alec Makinson Artist

Alec Makinson first ventured into a career as a chef upon finishing school but halfway through he decided against it after realizing he couldn’t handle all the washing and tidying up! He was lucky enough to mange to slip in the back door of the BBC in 1989. He somehow persuaded them to let him operate the Sunday Morning Faith programme one week, although never having actually done that before! At the BBC he enjoyed a fruitful career over the years enjoying working with the likes of Tony Livesey, Jim Bowen and Ted Robbins.

Over the years and working alongside his career in journalism and media Alec Makinson started to experiment with many different mediums until falling upon the beautiful yet capricious nature of working with glass.

Alec Makinsons affection for creating handcrafted, original fused glass artworks has led his artwork to be picked up by many of the Uks leading art galleries. Each artwork piece is individually designed and created by layering the glass using a mixture of coloured opaque and transparent glass.

His objective is to create a vision for the art buyer, which is authentically unique and engaging. Upon observing one of Alec Makinsons pieces or artwork you are mesmerized by the use of colour, depth of layering and charming picturesque landscape.

Alec Makinson is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


Shop Alec Makinson Original Art At Room.  

Here at Room we are proud to present Alec Makinson's art collection of original art, all of which are available to purchase online. From Alec Makinson's latest releases to some of his classic pieces of art, this in-demand artist's artwork can be purchased directly online below or in-store at one our Room stores.

If you can't find what you are looking for today we can also source direct from Alec Makinson's publishing house if there is a specific piece of Alec Makinson art that you cannot find on our website. To do this simply contact us with the piece of Alec Makinson art that you are looking for and we will do our best to source the artwork for you.

 With all of Alec Makinson's artwork of original art, we offer our customers the opportunity of 0% finance. To find out more about this service and to apply please click here.

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