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Alexander Millar Art & Limited Edition Prints

Alexander Millar is one of the UK's most popular contemporary artists and his artwork, collected by art lovers across the globe, are inspired by the working men and women of his childhood and we are proud to retail Alexander Millar's limited edition prints online at Room.

Inspired by his native town of Springside, and his adopted home of Newcastle, a young Alexander grew up with a romantic outlook, developing a sense of nostalgia and enjoyment for the working class, who were later to become his subjects as he developed into an artist.

Alexander Millar's artwork is incredibly emotive, prompting touching memories of departed loved ones, powerfully mixing humour and sadness. The paintings rarely show the faces of the subject; usually they are ambling off with bowed legs and hunched shoulders, yet despite this, the prints reflect a sense of enjoyment.

Here at Room, we are proud to present Alexander Millar's full art collection, including his limited edition prints - all of which are available to purchase online.

Shop Alexander Millar's Artwork including limited edition prints below.

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