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Chris DeRubeis Artwork

Chris Derubeis - The Artist BioChris DeRubies Artist Profile Picture

Born in 1978 Chris Derubeis knew from an early age that he didn’t want to lead an ordinary conventional life. At the tender age of 13 his grandfather gave him his first airbrush and after watching him use it, he knew he would grow up to become the artist he had always dreamed of becoming.

School was seen as an unnecessary chore, he spent most of his time sketching in his textbooks as apposed to learning an drafting out essays he was drawing landscape pictures on plain pieces of A4 paper.

At age 20 Chris Derubeies attended the Pasadena Art Centre and the Associates in Art school in Sherman Oaks, California. He began to paint Harleys in order to pay for his tuition, which turned tout to be quite a profitable small business. His peers tried to persuade to use more conventional methods of painting   but Chris never did like to follow the norm.

One evening after discovering the exquisite way he could manipulate the way light reacted with metallic surfaces whilst grinding base paint off one of his Harleys he knew he was on to something.

Chris Derubies now paints on metal mixing chemicals and pigments and integrating power tools and natural elements such as fire, water and freezing techniques. 

The art world was at first uncertain of Chris Derubeis new style, but it didn’t take long for the art world to quickly fall in love with his dynamic and inspiring pieces.

Chris Derubeis was honored with the First Annual Fine Art Awards in 2005. He won the muse award in the new movement award. Now Chris Derubies original and unique edition artwork is sold in galleries throughout the world


Chris Derubeis is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


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