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Grant Searl Artwork

Grant Searl - The Artist Bio

Grant Searl was born in Southampton in 1962.  His artistic ability was noticed from an early age with his strong grasp of form and colour clearly visible to his peers.

Grant Searl is largely a self-taught artist drawing much of his inspiration from the greats such as Magritte and Salvador Dali.

Grant Searl Artist

His artwork varies from an array of different genres, not one the focus on one particular subject Grant Searl paints garden and landscape pieces, shops and buildings and the fantastical. You can never be sure what to expect from a Grant Searl piece of artwork, but when it comes to diversity, surrealism and exploding colour palettes, he always delivers.

His imagination to capture the observer and catapult them into the shear energy and movement of his paintings is truly inspiring.

He finds inspiration in popular culture, literature, nature, architecture and life experiences. Grant Searl has been christened with creating romantic surrealism drawing from his strong resemblance to some of the Pre-Raphaelites. He works by building up the layers of paint over many months to create bold and colourful artwork that really does stand the test of time.

Grant Searls limited edition artwork can now be found throughout many of the highly prestigious art galleries throughout the UK and we are proud to showcase some of his Limited Edition artwork within our art room gallery.

Grant Searl is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


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