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Jennifer Hogwood Artwork

Jennifer Hogwood - The Artist Bio

Jennifer Hogwood was born in 1980 in a rural village in Bedfordshire. She spent her youth riding horses, reveling in nature and exploring the vast countryside that surrounded her. Her artistic talent was clearly visible from a young age, although Jennifer Hogwood never received any formal art training her artistic flair naturally evolved through her own sheer talent and love of the craft.

Jennifer Hogwood Artist Profile

Jennifer Hogwood likes to take something away from every piece of artwork she designs, she has even gone as far as creating her own unique shade of brown which she uses in every painting she produces by adding a touch of white or black she can gage the flow of the painting and the energy she would like to create.

You can easily spot a Jennifer Hogwood painting, her distinctive and contemporary cow paintings are now held with a high affection by many of her collectors across the whole of the UK.

Jennifer’s studio is in an old milking parlor, which is situated just down the road from her home on a working farm in rural Wiltshire. With the perfect setting just outside her window where her treasured cows reside, Jennifer’s surroundings add an extra comfort to her entire painting process. Jennifer tries to capture the personality and innocence of each and every cow she paints. Rural animals have always played such a huge part of Jennifer’s life, being able to spend her days enveloped in the countryside watching the cows grazing in the fields and the chickens meander around the yard brings an authentic contentment to her day to life which shines through in her Limited edition artwork we showcase in our gallery.

Jennifer Hogwood is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have her artwork.


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