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Keith Proctor Art & Limited Edition Prints

Keith Proctor's charming artwork is highly regarded by many in the art world and we are proud to exhibit his limited edition prints online at Room. 

Being able to see the quiet beauty of nature in the Northumberland countryside had a massive influence on Keith Proctor's life and encouraged him to draw and paint what he saw. He started with painting the river, moving on to birds, dogs, horses, before painting people and town scenes of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Keith Proctor is a self taught artist and has had no formal art training, though he has been painting all his life, encourage by his late father, Mark Proctor, who was a commercial artist. Keith finds inspiration for his artwork all around him and he is most interested in the colours in reflected light and the study of the effects that colours have on each other.

Here at Room, we are proud to present Keith Proctor's full art collection, all of which is available to purchase online.

Shop Keith Proctor limited edition prints below.

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