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Leigh Lambert Artwork

Leigh Lambert - The Artist BioLeigh Lambert artist profile

Leigh Lambert was born in 1979 on Newcastle upon Tyne. He began to draw at an early age with his family soon realising his artistic talent for painting. Throughout his school years his art became well recognised by his peers and teachers alike who were blown away by his talent for being able to capture such stunning views in his paintings.

In 1996 Leigh Lambert moved with family to Warwickshire where he began to further develop his artistic flair and technique

In essence, Leigh Lambert is a self-taught artist who received no formal training or qualifications for his innate talents of being able to paint such masterpieces, which are today highly, sort after by collectors worldwide.

Leigh works with oils and watercolours to create what are now his instantaneously original artworks, which capture nostalgic moments of his childhood, evoking fond memories of a stage in our lives, which many of us can relate too. It was upon leaving Newcastle that Leigh realised how many fond memories he had experienced in his youth in growing up at what at the time he saw as a concrete jungle, he was now able to take a step back and review the vitality of his youth and so began to see the beauty in the surroundings he was once so immersed in.

Leigh Lambert now works from his garden studio where he creates all of his original and limited edition pieces. His artwork has also been recognised by the prestigious Fine Art Guild Awards, where he won best up and coming artist in 2014. As a result there is now a waiting list to acquire one of his original paintings and any Limited Edition pieces he creates usually sell-out within weeks.

Leigh Lambert is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


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