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Mark Davies Artwork

Mark Davies - The Artist Bio

Mark Davies was born in Bedford in 1978 and raised in the East of England. From an early age Mark loved to paint and draw which he enjoyed alongside a life-long passion for story telling. 

Mark Davies artist profile

The wit and ability of Hans Christian Anderson and the brilliance of the Grimm Brothers originally inspired Mark. He went on to study Fine Art in Cambridgeshire and then went on to enter a career in Graphic design where he became one of the most successful designers in his region during his developmental working years.  He is now the Co-owner of a highly successful Graphic design studio where his talents are solely funneled into the business and product side of the particular piece they may be working on. When it comes to his art, there is no brief, this is where Mark fully expresses himself and showcases his creativity in its truest form.

Mark Davies always strives to create work that evokes emotion and that tells a story, something that the audience could not only appreciate but also relate to in some way. Marks preferred technique is using a simple pencil and brush but after years of further development in high-end retouching he was able to put this talent to excellent use within all of his breathtaking pieces of artwork. Every time you look at a Mark Davies piece of artwork you may spot something different, his skill and dedication shine within every piece.

When asked who his influences are he holds admiration towards the great Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Salvador Dali with his earlier pieces being inspired by Piero Della Francesca. Mark Davies Limited Edition digital art is all about introducing himself after so many years of creating for other people now is the time for Marks work to truly take Centre stage.

Mark Davies is now regarded as one of the leading artists currently available in the UK and here at Room we are proud to have his artwork.


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If you can't find what you are looking for today we can also source direct from Mark Davies' publishing house if there is a specific piece of Mark Davies art that you cannot find on our website. To do this simply contact us with the piece of Mark Davies art that you are looking for and we will do our best to source the artwork for you.

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