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Paul Kenton Art & Limited Edition Prints

Paul Kenton's wonderful style makes his artwork extremely desirable and we are pleased to retail his limited edition prints online at Room. 

Paul Kenton showed an interest in painting from a young age, he very much wanted to be an artist and this was cemented when he won a national colouring competition at the age of twelve. Paul chose to start painting full time and began exhibiting in 1995. He worked in acrylic and oils and took inspiration from his worldwide travels.

Paul tries to create a mood, evoke a feeling or reflect a range of emotions with his artwork, using free shapes, mixed media, dripped lines and colour. He often paints places he has visited throughout his life and tries to portray the feelings and memories he has of the city within his artwork. As an artist, Paul forgoes sketching and planning in favour of reaching straight for the heart of the painting. 

Shop our beautiful Paul Kenton limited edition prints online at Room below.

**Full Paul Kenton Art Collection Coming End Of April 2015**

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