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Roald Dahl Artwork

Roald Dahl - The Artist Bio

Roald Dahl Artist

Roald Dahl needs no introduction. He was born in 1916 in Llandaff, South Wales. His parents were Norwegian; in his youth he spent his holidays visiting his parents in Oslo. When Roald Dahl was only four years old his father passed away. As a result Dahl became quite disruptive in his early school years and his mother had to enroll her boisterous and playful son at St. Peters. A British Boarding School, in which was her late husbands wish. Dahl later transferred to Repton, another private school which he despised due to its strict rules and regulations.

After Roald Dahl graduated from Repton he went on an expedition to Newfoundland, he later took a job with the Shell Oil Company in Tanzania, Africa, where he remained until 1939.

He later joined the Royal Air Force and became a World War II fighter pilot, it was at this time when he crashed his plane sustaining serious injuries. After being transferred to Washington for his recovery it was there that he found his contentment and talent in writing. Roald Dahl began to publish his stories in magazines, including the New Yorker.

Once married Roald Dahl would tell his children bedtime stories, which is what was the beginning for the basis as his career as a children’s writer. 

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