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Sarah Graham Artwork & Limited Edition Prints

Sarah Graham's artwork is bright, colourful and vivid, and we are proud to sell her limited edition prints at Room.

Sarah Graham studied for a foundation course in art and design, followed by a BA in Fine Art. Whilst studying, she had a public exhibition above the pub she was working in, where she began selling work. This experience helped Sarah to realise that she could make a living being an artist and from that point Sarah Graham has been consistently exhibiting and selling her artwork throughout the UK and abroad.

Sarah, as a realist painter, is entirely motivated by colour and this inevitably leads to the subject matter of toys and sweets. It allows her, as an artist, to explore vivid colour whilst manipulating the structure and form of an image. She takes a staged photograph before beginning the painting process and then translates the image onto canvas by lightly sketching it in yellow paint, followed by a more detailed under painting which acts as a map for the final painting. 

Here at Room, we are proud to present Sarah Graham's full art collection, all of which is available to purchase online.

Shop Sarah Graham limited edition prints below.

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