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Kerry Darlington 'Little Red Riding Hood'

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'Little Red Riding Hood' is a magical new unique limited edition print from Kerry Darlington.


Inspired by the Grimm Brothers' fairytale 'Little Red Riding Hood', this is the latest unique limited edition by Kerry Darlington. This stunning piece is made with three layers, embellished with 3D elements and finished with gold leaf highlights. 


Edition Number

295 (Unique Edition)


30'' x 3''


Silver with white slip

Dispatch Date

16th March 2015


Kerry Darlington’s unique edition painting entitled, Little Red Riding Hood is truly another exquisite masterpiece from Kerry.

The artwork features a mystical image of Red Riding Hood embracing the wolf within a backdrop of brown, neutral and red roses. 
Kerry Darlington starts each piece of her artwork with a firm idea of the composition she would like to create. She lets the painting then evolve organically within every brush stroke as she watches the painting come to life before her very eyes.

Kerry Darlington begins each piece of artwork on a prime wooden board, which she cuts to a specific size for the initial piece in question. She begins by drawing on the main components of the piece and then paints in some of the background colour. Kerry views this part as the most essential to each piece as it’s from this background colour that she dictates the colours for the entire piece.

As an example, if she would like to create an orange colour, she may paint a red on the background layer, add resin and then paint yellow on the next layer. This produces an orange of a more luminous depth rather than using just a solid orange paint colour straight from a colour can.

Kerry creates stunning highlights by the light passing through the resin layers of the painting; these specific colours cannot be created by just a simple flat colour. Colours can be more intensified by painting more layers over each resin layer; this is how Kerry creates her now famously stunning visual colour palette in her captivating artwork.

The Art Room Gallery is proud to showcase a number of Kerrys stunning works of art. To express your interest in any of her pieces, please feel free to call and enquire by calling our direct line shown here on the website.


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