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Kerry Darlington 'Young Pan'


Unique Edition of 95

Image Size - 24" x 24"

Framed in a brown / gold frame with a black slip

"Pan" is the mythological Greek god of nature who watches over shepherds and their flocks, especially in the mountains and the wild. He is depicted as having the legs and horns of a goat, with the upper body of a human male, resembling a faun. He often holds either a shepherds crook, and plays the panpipes, flute or double-flute.

His dual nature as both divine and animal plays upon the tenuous balance between disorder and harmony. 

 Kerry Darlington is currently one of the UK best selling artists. She was  born in 1974 in a small coastal town of North Wales. Kerry's passion for art started at a young age as she was inspired by the famous artworks of beautiful picture books such as Rackham, Beardsley and Dulac to name afew. Her new found passion led her to take a degree in illustration in 1996.

After this Kerry spent some time working in Bolivia in South America before returning to the UK to work for an exclusive company where Kerry specialised in sculpture clay morals for clients within the Middle East, UAE and USA.

Kerry spent many years perfecting her technique working with line drawings and watercolour, diversifying as she became more and more confident with colour. She now works with a variety or mediums and acrylic and oil.

mporary landscapes and figure-work, all carrying her unique style.

Kerry first became self-employed by selling her exclusive decorative abstract works on the world renowned selling platofrm ebay. Demand for her stuning pieces quickly soared and became hugely popular and was soon spotted by a well-known gallery and publishing agent who then began to sell her work on her behalf. Kerry has since built a solid reputation for her beautiful and orginal designs where she focuses on nature and trees. She now works independently from her home studio in North Wales. Kerry creates her stunning pieces by using subsequent layers of resin which are painted upon, building up and intensifying the background colours, or painting over pastels to give a gentle translucent colour. Upon the top layer of resin, she adds the finer details of the piece, adding small white highlights and then the finished image is archival-varnished.

Her acrylic paintings are uniquely formed upon board or canvas first, using texture and gessos. The colour is then built upon in layers to create depth. Her abstract pieces were initially based upon satellite photographs of Earth which created the 'Volcanic' Collection in 2005/2006. This has since diversified to include conte

Eight years ago she released her book of stunning Illustrations as Unique Edition prints - the reception to this work was incredible!  Her first releases - ‘Midnight Garden’ and her ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ were so popular that they sold out within hours. Her book illustration work went on to include ‘Peter Pan’, a whole series of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by Frank Baum. In 2013 she was given special permission to illustrate her childhood favourite - ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. 



In May 2012 and in 2014 she was awarded ‘Best-Selling Published Artist’ at a ceremony by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Kerry continues to inspire other artists and has become one of the most sought after artists in the UK today, with hundreds of collectors across the country and abroad.

The Art Room Gallery is proud to showcase a number of Kerrys stunning works of art. To express your interest in any of her pieces, please feel free to call and enquire by calling our direct line shown here on the website.


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